Motorcycle Gas Tank Dent Removal in Boston MA

If you have a dent in your motorcycle, call us at 508-932-8507. We serve the Greater Boston Area with tankless dent removal services.

Motorcycle gas tank dents can be tricky to remove because of how inaccessible the area is. Our experienced team at the Ding Doctor of Greater Boston can help! When it comes to removing dents from motorcycle tanks and fenders, we have the skills and tools to get the job done right.
So how do we do it? We mount the motorcycle gas tank or fenders to a special vise that holds it firmly in place. We can then angle the tank or fender to obtain the right tool leverage. Our specialized tools remove the dent or crease when we gently apply pressure against the damaged area. No harm is done to the factory finish of the motorcycle.

Because only the motorcycle gas tank or fenders are required to complete the repairs, we offer shipping options for out-of-state customers. We first need to be sent multiple photos to provide an estimate. We will then arrange to ship the motorcycle gas tank and/or fenders to our shop. Local clients are invited to stop by our shop for an on-site estimate.

Before and After Motorcycle Dent
We understand how passionate motorcycle owners are about their bikes. Trust our highly-trained technicians to repair your motorcycle gas tank or fender dent. We will restore your motorcycle back to its pre-damaged condition. Contact us today at 508-932-8507 for more information!

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